IAA International Youth Art Competition

IAA Humans In Space Symposium
International Youth Art Competition

Are you between 10 - 17 years of age?

Would you like to have your say about the future of space exploration?

April 11–15, 2011, in Houston, Texas, USA, experts from around the world will gather at the International Academy of Astronautics Humans in Space Symposium to examine current human space exploration knowledge, plan future human space flight goals, and discuss working together to create the “Next Golden Age of Human Space Flight.”

Current students are the ones who will be witnessing, shaping, and participating in this “Next Golden Age”. So it is natural that they should be asked to address the question "What is the future of human space exploration and why is it important" through visual, literary, musical, or digital art.

If you are 10–17 years old you can participate in this art competition by reviewing the competition guidelines, learning what we currently know about human space exploration, using this knowledge to artistically express yourself, and submitting your art and other entry materials. Your submission must be received in Houston by midnight (Central Time) October 13, 2010 to be judged.

The competition winners will receive a certificate of achievement and other prizes.  The winning art will be displayed in the online gallery for the world to see and also on-site at the Humans in Space Symposium where current human space exploration leaders, including astronauts and scientists, will see what you have to say.

For more information and competition guidelines visit www.dsls.usra.edu/meetings/IAA/artContest/