Congratulations VSSEC Staff and Educators

Congratulations VSSEC Staff and Educators

On Wednesday 15th December more than 6,000 students graduated from RMIT University. Part of the graduating class of 2010 were VSSEC staff and educators Blagoj Mitrevski, Travis Perdevski, Rebecca Welsh, Ruvini Vithanage, Jason Mc Bain and Naomi Mathers.

The ceremony was held at Etihad Stadium and brought together graduating students, academics, family and friends.  The more than 6,000 students who completed a course at RMIT in 2010 all received their awards in the evening spectacular.

Two honorary Doctorates were awarded to Dr Megan Clark, CEO of CSIRO, and Mr Robert Thompson, Editor-in-Chief of The Wall Street Journal for their significant contribution to their industries and society at large.

Blagoj Mitrevski and Naomi Mathers were admitted to the Degree of Doctor of Philosophy.

Dr Mitrevski completed a demanding and very successful project on illicit and doping-control drug analysis. Working with the Thailand World Anti-Doping Agency and Cornell University researchers on steroid doping, his novel research established criteria for method performance evaluation using new analytical measurement techniques. He developed protocols for illicit drugs (ecstasy, heroin, cocaine) analysis using these same techniques. This new standard platform for drugs analysis resulted in a series of landmark papers.

Dr Mathers investigated the use of inflatable antennas for rapid deployment of satellite communications. Satellite-based personal communications systems have the ability to connect mobile personnel with a central support network in both military and disaster management situations. The use of inflatable structures in the space environment has been successful in reducing mass by at least 50% and stowed volume by up to 75%. Her work gives us new approaches that show it is possible to construct an inflatable structure that matches the performance of a rigid structure under terrestrial conditions.

Travis, Rebecca, Ruvini and Jason were admitted to the Degree of Bachelor of Engineering (Aerospace). They have all been an asset to VSSEC's programs and we wish them well as they move forward with their professional careers. We would particularly like to congratulate Ruvini who will be taking a position with Optus as a Spacecraft Systems Engineer.