Apple App to Help Teachers Deliver Standards-based Assessment Data

Apple App to help Teachers Deliver Standards-based Assessment Data

ALL In Learning has developed a FREE Apple App that helps teachers plan and document lessons, including:

  • - Model and track instruction
  • - Capture formative assessment estimations in the context of instruction
  • - Equip teachers with instruction and assessment teaching notes
  • - Record real time student observations and evaluation
  • - Manage collaborative learning activities.

Using the iPod Touch/iPhone/iPad, teachers can deliver frequent and simple standards-based assessments to the entire class, groups within the class, or individual students either asynchronously or synchronously.  ALL In’s ASSIST app enables teachers to collect results to the questions and upload the results for aggregation and review. The App takes into consideration Bloom’s Taxonomy, 21st Century Learning and the E5 Instructional Model.

Research supports the use of daily formative assessment as a key driver of student achievement.  The process of all students answering questions in class improves the chances of success.  Capturing those results daily with coordinated assessments gives all stakeholders a true grasp of where classes, schools, and regions are on any given standard/subject. The PLUS portal allows for teachers and administrators to review what is happening on a daily basis.