A New Hub Focusing on Teaching in a 1:1 Laptop Situation

A New Hub Focusing on Teaching in a 1:1 laptop Situation

Do you have a 1:1 laptop program in your school, a bank of Netbooks that students use, or are you thinking about purchasing a set of laptops for student use? The Australian National Schools Network has established a hub to enable groups of teachers from interested schools to design engaging and rigorous learning experiences for their students, whilst supporting one another in the learning. The hub caters for teachers in primary, secondary and special settings.

The ANSN has been at the forefront of rethinking schools and schooling in a changing world. The network fosters a cooperative learning environment based on an action research approach to learning.

Hub Aims:
• To build a learning and sharing community where ideas and good practice can be shared in a supportive environment
• To deliver a comprehensive training program so you will have confidence teaching where every student has access to a laptop
• To support student learning needs by exploring the opportunities for innovative teaching and learning using laptops
• To share and develop resources with other teachers to use back at school

1:1 Learning Program Outline:
Venue: Williamstown Primary School, Cecil St, Williamstown 3016

Day 1, Thursday August 12th, 2010
• Establishing a collaborative learning community
• Getting to know the learning community and its needs
• Essential questions about 1:1 learning and my teaching
• Investigating programs and resources
• Initiating Learning Journeys

Day 2, Thursday September 9th 2010
• Sharing experiences and working collaboratively
• Reflecting on our work
• School policies and documentation
• Investigating programs and resources
• Incorporating other technologies into effective 21st Century classrooms

Day 3, Wednesday October 13th 2010
• Sharing experiences and working collaboratively
• Reflecting on our work
• Engaging in current research of 1:1 implementation to inform our teaching practice
• Keeping students safe
• Continuing program and resource investigations
• Visiting 1:1 in action

Day 4, Thursday November 11th, 2010
• Sharing evidence of student learning
• Exploring new resources
• Online learning communities
• Presenting best practice of the use of 1:1 learning
• Continuing our learning – where to from here

For more information contact Jill Reading 0403 131 503 or reading.jill.z@edumail.vic.gov.au or download the flyer and booking form.