Michael Brett new SGAC Co-Chair

Michael Brett Announced as new SGAC Co-Chair

2010 Space Generation Advisory Council (SGAC) elections have been completed and Australian Michael Brett has been announced as the new Co-Chair. Michael Brett is a consulting project manager and systems engineer with a wide range of experience on projects as diverse as aircraft mission planning software, snow sports performance tracking, helicopter simulators and safety analysis for the HIFiRE hypersonics research program. He is currently the project manager for the Antarctic Broadband, a new enterprise aiming to deliver broadband satellite services to Antarctica.Michael has been SGAC's Treasurer since October 2006 and has attended three SGC's as a delegate in Houston in 2002, Sponsorship Manager for SGC 2005 in Fukuoka and moderator at SGC 2009 in Daejeon.

He has also been involved in the Australian space community for many years assisting the Australian Youth Aerospace Association, Royal Aeronautical Society, AerospaceFutures conference and National Space Society.

Michael lives in Brisbane, Australia and has a degree in Aerospace Avionics Engineering from the Queensland University of Technology.

This article was reproduced from the SGAC Newsletter.

We would like to congratulate Michael on his achievement and encourage students interested in getting involved in the global space industry to join the SGAC. Australia is also represented  on the SGAC by Andrea Boyd and Shannon Ryan. For more information visit www.spacegeneration.org