2010 SGAC Move an Asteroid Competition

2010 Space Generation Advisory Council Move an Asteroid Competition

Thousands of astronomers across the world search daily for undiscovered asteroids and comets, some of which may hit the Earth in the future. Thankfully, the kilometre sized asteroids seen in movies are incredibly rare. However, 10 to 100 metre rocks are big enough to destroy a city and hit roughly every 100 years, with the last recorded asteroid hitting Earth 101 years ago (the Tunguska Event). With the latest technology, it is now possible to spot these smaller sized objects with enough time for warnings to be sent out, potentially saving thousands of lives, but no such warning system currently exists.

This competition challenges university students and young professionals worldwide to come up with ideas for a global asteroid impact early warning system. The author of the winning entry will present their ideas  at the 2010 Space Generation Congress and the International Astronautical Congress in Prague, Czech Republic.

The goal of this competition is to design an innovative and effective global Asteroid Warning System. Each entrant will submit a technical paper, up to ten (10) pages long, describing their design.

Applications close 30th July, 2010

For more information and competition guidelines please visit www.spacegeneration.org/index.php/eventstopics/hot-topics/126-asteroid