Mission to Mars


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Mission to Mars is a daylong space science experience for Year 9 and 10 students. Students work as a team and use all their problem solving skills to successfully complete their Mission. During the day all students act as Astronauts, Mission Controllers and Research Scientists.

Mission Control Officers are responsible for the safety of the astronauts and success of the scientific mission on the Mars surface. From Mission Control they monitor the astronauts’ vital signs and spacesuit functions, as well as the environmental conditions on Mars and solar activity.

Astronauts don spacesuits, collect their equipment, depressurise in the Airlock, and step out onto the Martian surface. Students collect real soil and rock samples, drill an ice core, conduct a thermal survey and undertake a seismic experiment.

After their return to Earth, students analyse their samples and undertake further scientific investigations in the Research Laboratory.

Mission to Mars is designed to be integrated into the Victorian Secondary School curriculum and complies with VELS guidelines. The program is supported by a pre-mission training program and a debriefing program after your class returns.

Min students per mission: 12

Max students per mission: 24

$100 deposit required to secure booking

Cost: $38 plus GST per student (Victorian students), $50 plus GST per student (interstate students) and $100 plus GST per student (international students).

Price includes pre-mission training program, post-mission debriefing, lunch, all materials used during the program and the use of flight and astronaut suits.