Student Scholarship: International Symposium on Space Technology and Science

Student Scholarship International Symposium on Space Technology and Science

The International Symposium on Space Technology and Science (ISTS) is the most popular international conference in Japan concerning space technology and science. The 28th ISTS will be held under the main theme of “Exploring Humans, Earth and Space” at Okinawa Convention Center, in Ginowan City, Okinawa Prefecture from 5 - 12th June, 2011 and brings together specialists of space engineering, space science, space medical and space law to exchange information.

The 28th ISTS Organizing Committee and the Japan Society for Aeronautical and Space Sciences (JSASS) invite individuals of all nations interested in space-related activities to participate in this event.

Since the 26th ISTS in 2007, ISTS and JAXA, Japan Aerospace Exploration Agency, have been promoting the Asian Student Invitation program, which provides Asian graduate students with the opportunity to get acquainted with the cutting-edge space technology and science and to promote friendship and exchanges among the students from various Asian countries. Through the APRSAF Space Education and Awareness Working Group an invitation has been extended to Australian graduate students to apply for this scholarship. The scholarship is open to graduate students who are studying space technology and its applications including space data utilization such as remote sensing, satellite communication and GPS applications. The scholarship  includes domestic and international transportation, accommodation, registration fee, welcome reception and other student programs organized by Japanese students.

Followings are the schedule of this invitation program

1.    End of Oct. 2010/Deadline of submission of the abstract of your presentation in a half page and your personal information including name, gender, birth date, nationality major, university name, photocopy of your student ID indicating your academic status, postal address, email address and phone number.

ISTS Secretariat
Ms. Miwako SHIMIZU
Executive Secretary
International Symposium on Space Technology and Science

2.    End of Nov. 2010/The student session subcommittee of ISTS organizing committee selects one candidate per each country, in total 10 students from Asian region.

3.    Beginning of Dec. 2010/The result will be notified to all applicants.