Great World Wide Star Count

Great World Wide Star Count October 29th - November 12th, 2010

Participating in the Great World Wide Star Count is fun and easy! You can join thousands of other students, families and citizen scientists from around the world counting stars!

Windows to the Universe coordinates the event and collects the data. During this international event, everyone is asked to go outside, look skyward after dark, note the stars they see in certain constellations, and report what they see online.

Five Simple Steps to Star Count:

1. Determine which constellation to observe
Find that constellation at night an hour after sunset (about 7-9pm local time)
Match your nighttime sky with one of our magnitude charts
Report what you see online
View results of this international event

If you live in the Southern Hemisphere, you are asked to observe Sagittarius, the Archer, which includes the Teapot asterism. Finding Sagittarius is easy! If you go outside about an hour after sunset and look west, you should be able to find the Teapot asterism roughly halfway between the horizon and the point directly overhead (which is known as the Zenith).

The illustration above shows the same area of the night sky. The left hand image is what you would see under average conditions. The middle image shows the Archer and the right hand image shows the Teapot.

For full details visit and download the Activity Guide now available in 12 languages!