FREE Public Talk @ VSSEC: Former NASA Astronaut Dr. Jan Davis

FREE Public Talk @ VSSEC
Former NASA Astronaut Dr. N. Jan Davis

Friday 26th November
9:30 - 10:30am

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A veteran of three space flights, Dr. Davis has logged over 673 hours in space. She is currently Vice President and Deputy General Manager of Jacobs Engineering, Science, and Technical Services (ESTS) Group at the National Aeronautics and Space Administration’s Marshall Space Flight Center (MSFC) in Huntsville, Alabama.

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Dr. Davis has bachelor of science degrees in applied biology and mechanical engineering, a master of science and a doctorate in mechanical engineering. She became an astronaut in June 1987. Her initial technical assignment was in the Astronaut Office Mission Development Branch, where she provided technical support for Shuttle payloads. She then served as CAPCOM in Mission Control communicating with Shuttle crews for seven missions.

She flew as a mission specialist on STS-47 in 1992 and STS-60 in 1994, and was the payload commander on STS-85 in 1997. During these flights, she orbited the Earth 325 times.  After her flight on STS-85, Dr. Davis was assigned to NASA Headquarters as the Director of the Human Exploration and Development of Space (HEDS), Independent Assurance Office for the Office of Safety and Mission Assurance.

In July 1999, she transferred to Marshall Space Flight Center as Director of the Flight Projects Directorate with responsibility for the International Space Station (ISS) Payload Operations Center, ISS Nodes 2 and 3, ISS Multi-purpose Logistics Modules, ISS Regenerative Environment Control and Life Support System, and the Chandra X-Ray Observatory Program. In August 2003, she was named Director of Safety and Mission Assurance, with responsibility for the safety, reliability, and quality activities of all MSFC projects and personnel. In October 2005, Dr. Davis retired from NASA and is currently Vice President and Deputy General Manager of Jacobs’ Engineering, Science, and Technical Services Group at NASA’s Marshall Space Flight Center.