Water Rocket Connectors for Sale

Water Rocket Connectors For Sale

Launching water rockets is a lot of fun and a great way to teach science but Australian hose connectors don't fit PET bottles.

VSSEC has imported connectors that screw onto PET bottles and connect to standard Australian hose fittings.

These connectors will be very useful when you submit your application for the [intlink id="2311" type="page"]2010 APRSAF Water Rocket Event and Educators Workshop [/intlink] in Melbourne this November. Entries close Friday 22nd October 2010.

Download [intlink id="272" type="page"]instructions for building water rockets and launchers[/intlink], and [intlink id="272" type="page"]rocketry activities[/intlink] from the [intlink id="148" type="page"]Outreach[/intlink] section of the VSSEC website. Visit the Water Rocket wiki for ideas and to share your water rocket activities.

1-9 $5 each + GST + $5 p&h
10-19 $4.25 each + GST + $5 p&h
20+ $3.50 each + GST + $7.50 p&h

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