Follow Hawaii Science Experience and IAC via blogs

Follow Hawaii Science Experience and IAC via blogs

Follow Ian Christie as he joins a team of enthusiastic science teachers on the CSIRO Out & on Top of the World Science Teacher Tour to Hawai`i. The group will visit some of the largest optical telescopes on Earth on the 4,200m summit of Mauna Kea on Hawai`i. Including the Gemini North telescope on the summit and the operations centre at Hilo.

During this visit they will participate in a three-day workshop on astronomy led by some of America's foremost astronomy educators. This workshop will cover modern observing techniques and instruments, some of the latest research and challenges in astronomy and a range of practical ideas and activities for engaging students. They will also visit the Hawai`i Volcanoes National Park. For a full itinerary visit

Follow Ian's journey and get a taste for what you will experience if you join the tour next year

Naomi Mathers will be representing VSSEC at the International Astronautical Congress and the ESA System and Concurrent Engineering Workshop. She will present papers on the new Primary School Mission Program and VSSEC's collaboration with Engineers Australia to build a strong skill base in the area of systems engineering.

The IAC has an excellent Student Program supported by the International Space Education Board (ISEB). This year Australian PhD student, Mary D'Souza, will participate in the student program as one of the recipients of the IAF Youth Grants.

This year the ISEB is joining with the IAF Space Education and Outreach Committee to offer the first joint Educators Workshop. Hopefully next year an Australian teacher will be joining the workshop at the IAC in South Africa.

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