Mars Education Challenge Webinar

Mars Education Challenge Webinar 

On August 25, 2011 at 1:00pm EDT, Andrew Hilt from West Bend High School in Wisconsin, one of the winners of the 2010-2011 Mars Education Challenge, will present a webinar about his entry and his passion for teaching science. His webinar is part of the Explore Mars monthly webinar series.

In March 2011, Explore Mars announced the winners of our first annual Mars Education Challenge (MEC). MEC was created to challenge science teachers around the United States to develop innovative curricula materials that can integrate Mars into every day science classes. The five winning science teachers devised some truly engaging and unique materials that we hope will be heavily utilized in classrooms around the United States and beyond.

Andrew Hilt will discuss the curricula materials that he devised as part of MEC and how these materials can not only excite students about Mars exploration, but also teach valuable lessons in geology, geomorphology, mineralogy, chemistry, physics, cartography, and engineering.

Andrew's curricula materials helps students understand the disciplines involved in designing a rover, determining landing sites, and creating maps. The final phase of this project requires the students to develop a final map with a location identified to be the ideal sampling spot for the analytical life probe.

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Over the next month, Explore Mare plans to have all of the other MEC winners present their materials in special webinars to help guarantee that these materials are as widely distributed as possible. The 2011-2012 Mars Education Challenge will be launched in September 2011.