Australian Academy of Science Interviews with Australian Scientists

Australian Academy of Science Interviews with Australian Scientists

The Australian Academy of Science  established the Interviews with Australian Scientists project in 1993 to record and celebrate the outstanding work of Australia's scientists. On this site you will find interviews with some of Australia's leading scientists and discover how they change the world we live in. The scientists talk about their early life, development of interest in science, mentors, research work, and other aspects of their careers.

This is an excellent resource to support the Science as a Human Endeavour strand in the National Curriculum. Transcripts of the interviews, teachers notes, and short excerpts of the videos are available online. Copies of the DVDs may be purchased from the Academy for $15 each including GST, postage and handling.

Three new interviews have just been loaded

Dr Angus McEwan’s research in geophysical fluid dynamics earned him an international reputation and a position as Chief of the CSIRO Division of Oceanography. While Dr McEwan is now retired, his expertise in fluid dynamics is being put to use in racing his yacht Indigo.


Herpetologist and molecular biologist, Associate Professor Bryan Fry has a life-long passion for venomous creatures. He also has a worrying track-record of attacks from lizards, snakes and spiders. Although it seems he gets them more often than they get him!


Bioinformatician, Dr Alicia Oshlack, made the bold move from astrophysics to bioinformatics during her post-doctoral years. During the interview she explains bioinformatics and speaks about the challenges in balancing a family and career.