2011 Australian Mars Society Conference

2011 Australian Mars Exploration Conference

Mars Society Australia is now calling for presenters for their upcoming annual national conference, the 11th Australian Mars Exploration Conference (AMEC 2011), a 2 day event from the 23rd to 24th July, to be held at the University of Western Australia, Perth, Western Australia. The aim is to compare environments for the dawn of life on Earth and comparing this with the possibility of life on Mars, which means that presentations will cover a wide spectrum of planetary science projects. Written submissions from teachers, scientists, engineers, students, social theorists, managers, writers and artists are welcomed. Full papers will be reviewed and published in accordance with the DEEWR guidelines.

The content and material at the conference will be useful for science teachers from any speciality and at any age group. The theme for AMEC2011 is Environments for the Dawn of Life on Mars and Earth. For further information about the conference, how to register or submit a paper, or about Mars Society Australia please go to www.marssociety.org.au