Engineers Needed for Engineers Australia Discover Engineering Program

Engineers Needed for Engineers Australia Discover Engineering Program

If you're interested in working on Science and Engineering programs with secondary school students then this program is for you!

Engineers Australia, Victoria Division and VSSEC have partnered to include the Discover Engineering program in VSSEC's Year 9 & 10 mission programs. This initiative enables schools to have a member of Engineers Australia attend their College and work with them on various hands-on activities.

*To support this initiative we need enthusiastic Engineers from ALL disciplines*

Inspire future Engineers
Develop strong communication skills
Network with other Engineers
Expand your CV
Clain CPD points

To ensure everyone gets the most out of this experience VSSEC provides a FREE one-day training course for engineers before they start visiting schools. VSSEC training includes:

How do students learn? - this session will give a brief introduction to how students learn. It will discuss strategies for engaging students and how to maximise learning outcomes using hands-on activities

Egg-landing activity - this activity is part of VSSEC’s Mission to Mars program. The challenge is to land an egg safely. Engineers will need to use their knowledge of materials, aerodynamics and structural design to achieve the task successfully. These engineering skills will be useful when working in automotive engineering or if needing to drop something from an aircraft and land it safely.

Paper Planes - this activity is part of VSSEC’s Mission to the Orbiting Space Laboratory (MOSL) program. Paper planes are used to investigate flight. The challenge is to build the fastest paper plane; the paper plane that travels the furthest; and a paper plane that spins. These engineering skills are very important to an aerospace engineer but many other engineers use the principles of aerodynamics.

Wheel design - this activity is part of VSSEC’s Robotic Mission to Mars program. The challenge is to design the wheels of a skateboard for different surfaces. What wheels will you design for ice, sand, rocky terrain or road? Why? This activity emphasises the engineering design process and collaboration.

Designing a killer Power Point - in this session engineers will use what they have learned to prepare a presentation that excites students about engineering and highlights how you use engineering in your job. Enginners will get a chance to try the presentation on VSSEC staff and fellow engineers before you have to deliver it to students.

Have your photo taken on Mars - as a thank you for your help Engineers are invited to suit up and have their photo taken on Mars.

Next training program @ VSSEC
9:00am - 4:00pm
Wednesday 6th April
Lunch provided
max 20 participants

 Engineers on parental leave, PhD and 4th Year Engineering students welcome. Spread the word to your colleagues. Flyer 

To join the Discover Engineering Program and to register for the training session, contact Sandra Perrett at Engineers Australia 9321 1725 or 

Meeting and working with positive role models is one of the factors attributed to giving students a positive attitude toward science and influencing their study and career choices. Visit the Discover Engineering website to see a list of schools who have benefitted from this program.

"Gigi was here this morning and she was fantastic! She was so positive and female and young - the students really identified with her." Jo-Lee Kennedy, Head of Science, Presentation College Windsor