VSSEC Partners with Polycom to Increase its Reach Through Video Conferencing

VSSEC Partners with Polycom to Increase its Reach Through Video Conferencing

VSSEC was established to engage students and teachers in Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM) using the context of space. Since opening it's doors in 2006 VSSEC has delivered high quality programs to over 18, 000 students and teachers. These programs build skills in STEM subjects; encourage problem solving and critical thinking; and help students develop strong collaboration and communication skills. Unfortunately, not every student can walk on Mars or visit the VSSEC Space Station, but thanks to a new partnership with Polycom VSSEC can now engage students and teachers around the world through video conferencing.

In December 2009 the DEECD’s Enterprise Architecture Board announced it would standardise Polycom’s videoconferencing products in 1,553 Victorian Government schools and corporate areas of the DEECD. This network allows VSSEC to expand its reach and provide increased support to rural students and teachers. The addition of videoconferencing also allows VSSEC to connect with students, teachers and partners interstate and overseas.

VSSEC is currently developing a range of education programs specifically for this mode of delivery. As with all VSSEC's programs, the Video Conferencing programs will be based on the latest research-based strategies for effective science teaching and learning. They will expose students to experts; encourage hands-on, minds-on learning; and incorporate teacher professional learning.  The initial programs currently under development include:

STARS! Search: an astronomy program for Years 5 to 8
Mars Rocks!: a geology program for Years 8 to 10  
Teacher Professional Learning:Primary Science Experiments and Foldables
Guest Speaker Program: Access to a range of eminent speakers from VSSEC's university and industry partners

More details will be posted on our website and CAPspace shortly. Please contact VSSEC if you would like to register your interest in any of these programs..

Visit the Polycom website for a full list of their education services and download the Polycom in Education Newsletter for the latest video conferencing programs.

Polycom Collaborations Around the Planet (CAPspace)

This program is a large scale global directory and professional network of educators for video conferencing project collaboration. This directory will connect educators to increase videoconferencing utilization, expand and enhance curriculum, provide access to global collaborations, and increase educational equity.