Register Now for RoboCupJunior Australia State Competitions

Register Now for RoboCupJunior Australia State Competitions

RoboCupJunior is a project-oriented educational initiative that introduces RoboCup to primary and secondary school children. Created in a true cooperative spirit, the RoboCupJunior Educational Competition encompasses not only engineering and IT skills, but extends right across a school curriculum. RoboCupJunior also addresses social development by encouraging sportsmanship, sharing, teamwork, understanding of differences between individuals and nations, cooperation and organisational skills.

The RoboCup Junior Dance is a stunning integration of Science, Technology and the Arts. Participants program their robots to dance to music. Competitors are encouraged to decorate their entries and to motorise robot limb movements, to give their robots real personality.

The Rescue competition mirrors the real life use of robots that rescue people from life-threatening situations. In Junior rescue, Robots compete by following a winding line on a series of tiles to a designated rescue area. On the way the robot could encounter obstacles, bridges and short cut opportunities that will challenge the most intrepid programmer. After negotiating the randomly selected path, the robot arrives at a green coloured area which indicates a chemical spill. While the clock is still ticking the robot must find "the victim" before pushing them out of the quicksand to safety.

Students are required to design and program two robots to compete against an opposing pair of robots by kicking an infra-red transmitting ball into their designated goal. Teams have a choice of using two attacking robots or an attacker teamed with a goalie.

Visit the RoboCupJunior Australia website for more details and State competition deadlines.