Register for the 2011 Science Olympiad National Qualifying Exams

Registrations Open for the Science Olympiad National Qualifying Exams

The Science Olympiads are international competitions for secondary-school science students, where teams from 80 countries battle it out for gold, silver and bronze medals. Every year Australian Science Innovations selects and trains three teams to compete at the Science Olympiads. The biology and chemistry teams have four members and the physics team has five. Competing in the Science Olympiads is a huge head start in launching a possible career in science.

The Science Olympiads are held in July in a different country each year. Competing countries take turns to host the event. Olympians are treated as VIPs and meet senior ministers and heads of state as well as experiencing the culture of the host country.

The competition is based on both theory and laboratory work, and teams are trained at residential camps at Monash University in Melbourne. Most of the team members are in Grade 11, although some may be younger.

The first step is to enter the National Qualifying Exam (NQE) in biology, chemistry or physics. These are held in August and are organised by ASI. Registration is now open for the 2011 NQE. The NQE is used to sellect seventy students to attend a 14 day residential summer school at Monash University, where they attend lectures and in the university laboratories. Staff members are made up of experienced teachers and former Olympians.

The Science Olympiad teams are chosen from the Summer School students. The new teams come together in April for five-day intensive training session. Teams are formally announced at a ceremony at Parliament House in late May, where blazers are presented by the Minister. 

For more information visit the Science Olympiad website.