Australian Teachers Join NASA Scientists for Spaceward Bound Australia

Australian Teachers Join NASA Scientists for
Spaceward Bound Australia
9th - 20th July 2011

VSSEC would like to congratulate the following teachers who have been selected to participate in NASA Spaceward Bound Australia:

- Dr Ken Silburn, Head of Science Casula High School, New South Wales
- Janine Slocombe, Curriculum Developer, Northern Advanced Manufacturing Industry Group in South Australia
- Monika Bell, Environmental Science Education Officer at BHP Billton in WA
- Lucinda Land, Education and Outreach team, NASA Ames Research Center in California.

The education team is being lead once again by Mark Gargano, Education Director for Mars Society Australia, who is currently completing a PhD at Curtin University evaluating the effectiveness of science enrichment programs such as this. Mark has attended 3 previous Spaceward Bound expeditions and this expedition he will be coordinating daily reports from the science and education teams. To follow these daily expedition reports, go to the Mars Society Australia website during NASA Spaceward Bound Australia

During the expedition the education team will be developing a range of resources and activities that link their field experience with classroom science. This will include worksheets, ideas for class discussions and investigations, as well as a range of interviews with the key scientists realting to their work. These resources will be made available through the Mars Society after the expedition.

NASA Spaceward Bound Australia will involve scientists, engineers and teachers researching fossilised stromatolites in the Pilbara and the world-famous living examples in Shark Bay, as well as further examinations in the the symbiotic relationship between microbial life and arid climates, assisting with providing further research into Mars-like terrain and habitats. Expedition members will also be testing a variety of technical pieces of hardware on the field trip, including a pressurised space suit and robot rover.

 For more information about the expedition please go to NASA Spaceward Bound Australia