Australian Awarded IAF Youth Grant

Australian Awarded IAF Youth Grant

VSSEC would like to congratulate Eloise Matheson from Australia, and the other IAF Youth Grant recipients on being selected to attend the 62nd International Astronautical Congress (IAC) in Cape Town, South Africa, 3rd-7th October, 2011. 

I recently graduated with a Bachelor of Engineering (Mechatronics Space)/Bachelor of Science degree at the University of Sydney and enjoyed every aspect of it. Within engineering I focused on robotics, particularly embedded systems controlling robotic arms and human rehabilitation and power amplification robotics. My science degree consisted of a major in nanotechnology and science; I think it will be exciting to see what the field of smart materials leads to in the future. Space has been a lifelong fascination for me, and I hope to pursue my career in the space technology field.

Particularly, I think small scale satellites will become integral to all observations (earth or space bound) and communications, and Australia has a huge potential to benefit from the development and implementation of these. Space is an arena that has a unique ability to inspire people to search beyond the normal, to strive to learn more about what lies outside of Earth but particularly to appreciate what we have here. Just as importantly, it is a field of research that encourages collaboration, creating universal partnerships that extend beyond the realms of science and engineering.

This grant programme was established to support students and young professionals interested in pursuing careers involving the development, application and use of space systems, space science research, the policy, legal, social and cultural aspects of space activities, international cooperation on space programs and other similar subjects, who would be unable to attend the IAC due to financial reasons. More than 90 high quality applications were submitted by students and young professionals from 33 countries.

The Student recipients are:

- Dmitry Rachkin from Russia
- Mykola Gryshyn from Ukraine
- Eloise Matheson from Australia
- Sudeep Neupane from Nepal
- Lumka Msibi from South Africa
- Cheah Kean How from Malaysia

The Young Professional recipients are:

- Olayinka Abiodun Fagbemiro from Nigeria
- Ravit Sachasiri from Thailand
- Anna Solyankina from Russia
- Katrina Laygo from the United States
- Nsih Mirabell Kum from Cameroon
- Ayami Kojima from Japan

As well as attending the IAC they will also be given the opportunity to participate in other activities held the week prior and during the Congress. For more information about the IAF Youth Grants Programme visit the IAF website.