Teachers Invited to Join NASA Spaceward Bound Australia

NASA Spaceward Bound Australia
8th - 21st July, 2011
Pilbara, WA

Spaceward Bound is an educational program developed by NASA Ames. Through Field Expeditions and Mars Simulations, teachers work side-by-side with NASA scientists in authentic fieldwork. Teachers then bring that experience back to their classrooms to inspire their students and assist in the development of curriculum related to human exploration of remote and extreme environments.

In July 2011 Spaceward Bound will bring together Scientists and Engineers from the US and Australia to examine significant fossil sites in the Pilbara region of Western Australia. The expedition will explore the region to increase our understanding of early evolution on Earth, and the relationship to Mars. A part of this expedition will be to identify and map the 'Dawn of Life' trail near Marble Bar in the remote North-West of Western Australia, including internationally significant examples of stromatolites. As well as other areas of astrobiological and space science interest along the way (eg. Shark Bay). Other activities on previous Spaceward Bound expeditions have included geological interpretations, studies in astrobiology, remote sensing, robotics, testing simulated space systems and equipment, microbial sampling techniques and analysis and infra-red thermography.

Spaceward Bound Australia, 2009

Five Australian teachers will be selected to join the 2011 Spaceward Bound Expedition (dependent upon final funding arrangements). If you love space science and working in the outdoors and would like to work with a joint team of NASA and Australian scientists, then this Professional Learning opportunity is for you!

Teachers will have the opportunity to work with scientists and engineers on research linked to current space science projects, work alongside teachers from the US, develop techniques for conducting experiments in the field, take measurements and record data using specialist scientific equipment, design and access interesting learning materials, and gain knowledge about scientific aspects of our own 'outback' that can be taken back to their classrooms.

Spaceward Bound Australia, 2009

Spaceward Bound Australia, 2009
Scientists and Engineers

Mars Society Australia (MSA), the Australian connection with this project, are now calling for interest via their website. Visit www.marssociety.org.au for more information, expedition guidelines, cost, and how to apply for this competitive programme. Applications for teachers need to be submitted by the close of business on the 31st of March.

For further enquiries please contact Mark Gargano education@marssociety.org.au