AIP Victorian Young Physicists' Tournament (VYPT)

AIP Victorian Young Physicists' Tournament (VYPT) 

The Victorian Young Physicists' Tournament (VYPT) is a competition for Year 11 Physics and Year 10 Science students.  In the course of the year, in teams of three, the students carry out a range of experimental investigations drawn from a common set, then later in the year on the first week in December, present and defend their findings in scientific discussions with other teams.

 The purpose of the Victorian Young Physicists' Tournament is to engage students in science by doing science, that is:
·      conducting experimental research,
·      working in teams, and
·      presenting and discussing their findings in scientific discussions.

There are seven topics in the common set of which teams would investigate five.

Three topics have been announced. The final four, which will relate to Unit 2 content, will be announce in July.  

The first three topics for 2011 are:

1. Electrical Resistance:  How does the resistance of a wire change as the wire is stretched.
2. Electro-oscillator:
 A mass is hung from the middle of a horizontal wire.  When a current is passed through the wire, the mass may start to oscillate.  Describe and explain this phenomenon.
3. Bouncing drop:  Investigate the motion of water droplets falling on a hydrophobic surface (e.g. coated with soot or teflon).

Teachers, students and parents are invited to an Information Session at Melbourne High School on Saturday morning, 26th March.

The program will include the following aspects:
1. Demonstration of the first set of problems with brainstorming and general discussion of questions such as:
        What is the key property you are investigating and how do you measure it?
        What factors could affect this property and how do you measure these?
        What equipment will you need and how will you set it up?
        What physics ideas might be needed to explain what is happening?
2. A Physics Phyte: What does it involve? What do the Reporter and the Opponent do?
3. Teacher's Role: how do you motivate, support, supervise?
4. Competition Day: What's it like?
5. Panel Discussion: Students who participated in the 2010 Tournament will be in attendance to offer their advice.  Videos from the 2010 competition will also be available.

If you wish to attend the information session, please contact the AIP at with an email subject heading, 'Information Session: VYPT'.  A report of the information session will be on the vicphysics website for those unable to attend.

Teachers do not need to register their teams until the beginning of Term 4.

The competition will be held in the first week in December, probably the Thursday and Friday, with dates to be confirmed at the Information Session.  The venue for the first day is expected to be Quantum Victoria, which is being built on the corner of Kingsbury Drive and Waiora Rd in Macleod. 

 The best three teams will proceed to the final, which will be held on the second day at Monash University.  As an incentive to attend the final, all competitors will be taken on a tour of the adjacent Australian Synchrotron.

 If there are sufficient registrations in the regional districts of Victoria, regional semi-finals will be held.

 More details about the Tournament can be found at .