Discover the Night Sky at the Melbourne Planetarium

Discover the Night Sky at the Melbourne Planetarium

The Melbourne Planetarium at Scienceworks presents special after-dark sessions, Thursday evenings from 3 to 31 March at 7.30pm. All evenings include a glass of wine with cheese, the opportunity to chat to the Planetarium’s Astronomer and be immersed in a planetarium experience. The evening ends stargazing through telescopes (weather permitting). 

Each evening will showcase a different aspect of the night sky. For more information, pricing or bookings see the What's On listing or call the Scienceworks Booking Office on 9392 4819 between 9am and 4.30pm, Monday to Friday.

Thursday 10 March: Travel the Universe  We invite you on a tour of the Universe that will take you from Spotswood to the far reaches of space. You know the Universe is big, really big, but nothing can compare with experiencing it for yourself.

Thursday 17 March: Our Solar System  Take a step through the Earth's local neighbourhood – our Solar System. It is a system of planets, dwarf planets, moons, asteroids and comets, bound by the pull of the Sun. Marvel at the beauty of each unique world and the stories they tell.

Thursday 24 March: The Milky Way Galaxy  We are just one planet, orbiting one star, among the 400 billion stars of our Milky Way Galaxy. It is truly magnificent; a swirling mass of stars, gas and dust. But what do we know of our home galaxy? And how did we come to discover it?

Thursday 31 March: Dark Energy  Only a tiny fraction, just 4%, of the Universe is made of the stuff we know – the atoms that make us and everything around us. The rest we call dark matter and dark energy. What are these two enigmas and why must they exist?