Australian Space Science Conference Dates Announced

11th Australian Space Science Conference
26th - 29th September, 2011

The 11th Australian Space Science Conference (ASSC), will be held in Canberra 26th - 29th September, 2011. This will be the fifth ASSC jointly sponsored and organised by the National Committee for Space Science (NCSS) and the National Space Society of Australia (NSSA). The ASSC is intended to be the primary annual meeting for Australian research relating to space science. It welcomes space scientists, engineers, educators, and workers in Industry and Government.

This year's ASSC will run in conjunction with the NCSS’s workshop on implementing Australia’s first Decadal Plan for Space Science, which was published in 2010.  This one-day workshop will discuss the Plan and Government's responses, better link the scientific community and associated stakeholders in Government and industry, and start implementing the Plan's recommendations.

The scope of the conference covers fundamental and applied research that applies to space technologies, and includes the following:

* Space science, including space and atmospheric physics, Earth observation and remote sensing from/of space, planetary sciences, astrobiology and life sciences, and space-based astronomy and astrophysics.
* Space engineering and technology, including communications, navigation, space operations, propulsion, and spacecraft design, testing, and implementation.
* Space industry
* Government, international relations and law
* Education and outreach

There will be special sessions on successful, submitted, and future applications for Australian Space Research Program funding.

For the abstract and paper guidelines and for online submission go to

Key Dates
* Opening date for ASSC abstracts         4 April 2011
* Closing date for ASSC abstracts         10 July 2011
* Registration opens                 10 July 2011
* Acceptance of ASSC abstracts         24 July 2011
* Closing date for full written ASSC papers     1 November 2011

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