FREE Satellite Images Available Through the GeoEye Foundation

FREE Satellite Images Available Through the GeoEye Foundation

The GeoEye Foundation was established to support specific student research projects at the university level worldwide. The Foundation also assists non-governmental organizations in missions of humanitarian support and disaster relief. Through the Foundation’s imagery grant program, GeoEye is forming ongoing relationships with geospatial programs at universities and research institutions, helping to cultivate future generations of geospatial technologists and industry leaders.

Since its creation in 2007, the Foundation has made imagery awards to professors and students for studies in climate change, forestry management, archaeology, land use/land cover, national security and many other research topics. The Foundation has also provided imagery to non-governmental organizations for disaster response and recovery, human rights and health and disease monitoring and other important areas of study.

The GeoEye Foundation is a non-profit organization established to share GeoEye's technology and resources to help train others to map, monitor, and measure the Earth. They focus on three specific areas:

- Fostering the growth of the next generation of geospatial technology professionals
- Providing satellite imagery to students and faculty to advance research in geographic information systems and technology as well as environmental studies
- Assisting non-governmental organizations in humanitarian support missions

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The GeoEye Foundation’s Employee Advisory Committee (FEAC) reviews all applications for imagery grants, considering each application on a case-by-case basis. Applicants will be granted a limited amount of archive imagery (a few hundred square kilometers) at no cost, provided the following criteria are met:

- The applicant must be enrolled as a student or a faculty member at an accredited university-level educational institution/non-governmental organization (NGO). If enrolled as a student, the applicant must be an active participant in an accredited research program. The applicant’s area of study/research must be provided in the application, as must the contact information for the applicant’s faculty advisor.
- Applicants must agree to provide feedback in the form of an article, thesis or white paper.
- The data may not be used commercially or shared with anyone who might use it commercially.

If you are interested in applying for an imagery grant, please visit the GeoEye Foundation website for more details.