Discover SKA at the Scienceworks Planetarium with Dr Phil Diamond

Discover SKA
Dr Phil Diamond
Chief, CSIRO Astronomy and Space Science
7:30pm, Thursday 9th June
Scienceworks Planetarium

The Square Kilometre Array (SKA), will be 50 times more sensitive than any radio telescope around today. Each minute it will collect enough data to fill a million CDs. Join Dr Phil Diamond, Chief of CSIRO’s Astronomy and Space Science Division, as he describes Australia’s chance to build this international telescope in our backyard and the many mysteries of the Universe it hopes to answer.

The evening will conclude with a planetarium presentation by the Planetarium’s astronomer, Dr Tanya Hill. There will also be the opportunity to stargaze through telescopes (weather permitting).

Bookings will open early May. For more information please call the Scienceworks Booking Office 9392 4819.

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