YouTube Space Lab - Your experiment 250 miles above the Earth

Your Experiment 250 miles above the Earth

Have you dreamed of being part of the space industry? It could be closer than you think!

Thanks to YouTube Space Lab, launched with Lenovo, your experiment could fly on the International Space Station and be streamed live around the world via YouTube.

Students aged 14-18 are invited to submit a two minute video explaining their experiment before Wednesday 7th December, 2011. Like any scientist, you will increase your chances of having your experiment accepted if you clearly define the:

1. Experiment Question: The scientific question the Entrant wants to test in his/her experiment.
2. Hypothesis: An educated guess at answering the scientific question.
3. Method: A simple explanation of the methods used to conduct the experiment testing the hypothesis in Microgravity.
4. Results: The expected results of the experiment.


NOTE: Creating a prototype of the experiment is optional but encouraged as it may make the experiment idea easier for the judges to understand.

Regional and global prizes will be awared. The two winning experiments will be performed by astronauts on the International Space Station. There is also a trip to Tanegashima Island, Japan, or an astronaut training experience in Star City, Russia (once the entrant turns 18) to be won.

Entries will be judged by the YouTube community and a panel of distinguished scientists, astronauts and expert judges, including Professor Stephen Hawking.

Visit the YouTube Space Lab website for information on How to Enter competition Guidelines and the Official Rules. There are also some great Resources to help teachers bring space science alive for their class.