Mission Discovery Adelaide: Work with Astronauts and NASA Leaders

 Mission Discovery Adelaide: Work with Astronauts and NASA Leaders for a Week and Get Your Ideas Carried Out in Space

Work with astronauts, astronaut trainers, rocket scientists and NASA leaders! Compete to have your idea for an experiment built, launched to the International Space Station and carried out in space.

Mission Discovery will be held at The University of Adelaide, 16th - 20th January, 2012. Seconday and undergraduate students will work with the Mission Discovery team including, Scott Kelly (NASA astronaut Space Shuttle Commander and International Space Station Commander), Jay Honeycutt (former Director of NASA's Kennedy Space Centre) and Michelle Ham (lead NASA astronaut trainer). Students will work in teams to formulate an idea about what can be done in space to improve life on earth. They will present their idea and compete against other Mission Discovery teams to produce the best proposal. The best idea will be selected, built by ISSET, launched from Kazakhstan on a Progress Mission and then taken to the International Space Station.

The program includes NASA leadership and team building, how to fulfil your dreams and ambitions, how space exploration benefits the earth, the environment of space, the experience of being in space, what makes a great experiment, budgeting, presentation skills and the whole programme is orientated to inculcate the NASA 'you can do it' spirit.

The Mission Discovery programme is $499, and for those travelling from afar supervised accommodation can be included for a total of $998.

For more information and to register for the Mission Discovery program visit http://isset.org/mission_discovery.html