VSSEC visits Royal Chrildren's Hospital

These kids couldn't come to VSSEC so we went to them. We took our Serious Science Sessions to eighteen kids in four different wards of the Royal Children's Hospital on Tuesday the 25th of October. They analysed soil from both Earth and Mars, they designed their own experiment to protect UV sensitive beads, they expanded their knowledge of the states of matter and they learnt to think inductively and explain their thinking. Even students who were thinking that being at school was only a small step up from being in hospital quickly became enthralled, responding to the activities and asking penetrating questions. The RCH has a team of dedicated teachers who work to keep the kids up to speed with their school work while they are stuck in hospital. One of the difficulties they have is that they can't take students off to a science laboratory or even a science classroom. We gave them science lessons at their bedside and in recreation rooms. By delivering our Serious Science Sessions we have shown the teachers how they can engage their students without needing elaborate or expensive equipment. [caption id="attachment_7297" align="aligncenter" width="400" caption="A Serious Science Session at the Royal Children's Hospital"][/caption]