Industry to Classroom: A Speakers for Schools Project

Industry to Classroom: A Speakers for Schools Project

Are you aware that Science and Maths makes all engineering solutions possible? This can range from the humble Wheel to a complex Satellite Navigation System. Science is all around us and it's as ubiquitous as the air we breathe. Pause for an hour in an Industry To Classroom event to experience what makes a complex engineering solution possible rather than allowing it to go past you…

Industry To Classroom is a community project aimed at Year 9 and 10 students. The members of the project are engineers in various companies based inVictoria who are giving their time to promote science and engineering. They use Engineering, as an application of Maths and Science, to deliver a one hour presentation to students. These presentations cover engineering solutions that are present in everyday life. The presenter then dismantles the solution into concepts that the students will be familiar with in order to understand and appreciate the application of Maths and Science.

Their aim is for every student to walk away at the conclusion of the presentation seeing the solution in a completely different light, one that involves science, and themselves as being active contributors to future technologies, not just a consumer of it

The presenters are from the areas of Civil Engineering, Aerospace, Telecommunications, Renewable energy and Software systems engineering.  Their current topics offered are:

The Airbus A380: What makes it possible to transport over 500 people to anywhere on the planet in less than 24 hours?
Mobile Communications: What enables your smartphone to connect to the biggest resource on the planet without any wires connected to it?
Railway Engineering: How Science makes your journey safer
The Science Behind Facebook and iPhone games: Helping us Communicate and Play
The Internet: How math makes it faster, cheaper and better for you
Civil Engineering: Buildings, bridges & structures: How we make sure what goes up will not come down
Renewable Energy: The transition to renewable energy

There is no charge, but they prefer an audience of at least two classes.  If you wish to find out more details or to book any of the speakers, please go to