Australian Gemini School Astronomy Contest 2012

Australian Gemini School Astronomy Contest 2012

Win an hour of observing time on one of the world's largest optical telescopes!

Australian students in Years 5-12 can win the chance to propose a target for the 8-metre Gemini South Telescope in Chile by selecting an object in the Southern sky and explaining why it would be interesting to photograph. Emphasis should be placed on the scientific interest and visual appeal.

The best-ranked entry will have their object imaged by Gemini. The professionally processed picture will then be presented to the school by astronomers who will explain what the image reveals about the target.

The classes for the top three entries will be eligible to participate in a Live From Gemini program, an introduction to the Gemini telescopes provided via a video link to experts in one of the Gemini control room.

Entries must be received by Friday 11th May, 2012
Visit the competition website for more information and submission details.