Yr 9 Engineering Students @ Work Humanitarian Conference at VSSEC

Yr 9 Engineering Students @ Work
Humanitarian Conference

AKORN Educational Services in collaboration with Engineers Without Borders, Engineers Australia, VSSEC and the Catholic Education Office - Melbourne, are offering schools an opportunity to participate in one of three Yr 9 Engineering Students @ Work Humanitarian Conferences.

This is a fantastic opportunity for students to gain an understanding of engineering and of the various opportunities it offers. Engineers Without Borders (EWB) will present a real-life humanitarian event such as one in Tonle Sap Lake, Cambodia.  Then engineers from prominent engineering firms will work with student teams to develop strategies for addressing their stream of engineering (i.e. - mechanical, chemical, environmental, water, civil and electrical) in this scenario. 

Each team will consist of one student from each school. Teams will also be supported by EWB engineering students during their "workshop" session. Each team will present their recommendations to all participants during the closing session of the conference and students will be given time to ask questions of the panel of experts. By having each team made-up of students from each school participating, when returning to their home school - they will be able to present the "whole" picture to fellow-classmates and staff.

Conference 1: Tuesday 13th March, 2012
Venue: Victorian Space Science Education centre (VSSEC), Strathmore Secondary College, 400 Pascoe Vale road, Strathmore
Time: 9:15am - 2:45pm

Conference 2: Tuesday 31st July, 2012
Venue: Engineers Australia, 21 Bedford St, North Melbourne
Time: 9:15am - 2:45pm

Conference 2: Tuesday 9th October, 2012
Venue: Engineers Australia, 21 Bedford St, North Melbourne
Time: 9:15am - 2:45pm

Who: One team of six Year 9 students per school interested in learning about the various disciplines of Engineering and the impact they can make on the world while engaging their scientific thinking and reasoning skills
Cost: $175 per school (includes program, morning tea, lunch, and all materials)


Attendance is strictly limited to the first six schools responding for each date. For more information please visit the Humanitarian Conference website. To register please contact Georgene Bridgeman, Akorn Educational Services georgene.b@AKORN.com.au or 0412 339 553

 “This program was a great experience for me. Not only did I learn more about engineering and EWB, but I got to meet many new people & we were able to come up with ideas to solve real life problems.” Penelope Salmon, Student

“We were blown away by the enthusiasm, ingenuity and engineering problem solving shown by the students. In one day, they developed concepts far beyond any of our expectations and that resemble the solutions we are implementing in the field" Dan A’Vard – Vice Present-Victoria Region Engineers Without Borders Australia