Education Events at the International Conference on High Energy Physics

Education Events at the International Conference on High Energy Physics

The 36th International Conference on High Energy Physics will be held in Melbourne from 4th to 11th July. The conference will report on the latest efforts to find the Higgs boson among other aspects of high energy physics. It will also offer a dedicated Education and Outreach stream and a range of opportunities for students and teachers.

On Friday 6th July, the Centre of Excellence for Particle Physics (CoEPP) and the Australian Synchrotron extends a special invitation to high-achieving year 11 and 12 students studying physics to attend the Particle Physics Masterclass: Search for the building blocks of the Universe

The Masterclass is based on current research at the Large Hadron Collider, the world’s largest particle accelerator tasked with a mission to explore the fundamental building blocks of the universe. It will be taught by researchers working at the cutting-edge of science and will provide you with an overview of the physics involved in the LHC experiments. The students will work with real data from the LHC and get to see a real-live accelerator in action! The event is free, but space is limited. Interested students should complete the on-line registration form

On Friday 6th July, there will be a Workshop for teachers. Teachers will have an opportunity to meet leaders from major international laboratories—as well take part in specially targeted lectures—with a focus on engaging young scientists in frontier physics. Teachers from regional areas are encouraged to attend and the organisers will provide a number of bursaries to cover accommodation costs for those who need to stay overnight. The event is free, but space is limited. Interested teachers should complete the on-line registration form.

The Australian Institute of Physics (Vic Branch) Education Committee will partially cover the registration fee for three teachers who wish to attend this international conference.  The registration fee for the full conference is $875.  The Committee is able to assist three teachers with a subsidy of $400 each.  Please email Dan O'Keeffe for more details and to apply.