Win the Chance to Join Nobel Laureate Brian Schmidt for Dinner

Win the Chance to Join Nobel Laureate Brian Schmidt for Dinner

The NICTA Big Picture Seminar Series was established to communicate the exciting and rapidly evolving vision of ICT around the globe. As part of this series, Nobel Laureate, Prof. Brian Schmidt, will discuss his work in a FREE public seminar on the 15th May. VSSEC is pleased to announce a rare opportunity for senior Physics students with a passion for Astronomy and Astrophysics to attend the seminar and an invitation only dinner for Prof Schmidt and Melbourne's science community

The Accelerating Universe & the hunt for dark energy:
A crazy result that broke our understanding of the nature of the Cosmos

Tuesday 15th May, 2012
5:00pm - 6:00pm Canapes
6:00pm - 7:00pm Seminar

The Spot Basement Theatre, Bldg 110, Business & Economics
198 Berkeley St, University of Melbourne, Carlton

To register for this FREE event visit
Registrations open 16th April

Thanks to NICTA, senior Physics students are being offered a rare opportunity to meet Australia's latest Nobel Laureate. In recognition of the important role teachers play in inspiring our future scientists and engineers, NICTA are also providing a ticket for the teacher that inspired the student.

- Competition open to Victorian Physics students in Year 11 or 12
- 10 students will be selected
- The prize will be awarded to the student and the teacher that inspired them
- The prize includes: two tickets to the seminar; two seats at an invitation only dinner for Prof Schmidt and Melbourne's science community after the seminar; an opportunity to pose a question to Prof Schmidt; and an opportunity to meet Prof. Schmidt and have a group picture taken.
- Applications will consist of a half page statement detailing why the student should be selected, the question they would like to ask Prof Schmidt and the name of the teacher they would like to accompany them.
- Time permitting, Prof Schmidt will make every attempt to answer all questions on the night.
- All applications must be emailed to no later than the 30th April.
- Download a flyer

Seminar abstract:
In 1998, two international teams raced to determine the fate of the Universe. Was it expanding or contracting? They found that it wasn’t just expanding but that the expansion was accelerating. It was a startling discovery suggesting that an  unknown force is countering the effect of gravity and pushing the Universe apart. Today cosmologists believe that this mysterious dark energy comprises 70 per cent of the Universe. The 2011 Nobel Laureate for Physics, Brian Schmidt, leader of one of the two teams, will describe their discovery and its implications. He will explain how astronomers have traced our Universe’s history back more than 13 billion years, leading them to ponder the ultimate fate of the cosmos. Brian Schmidt is a Laureate Fellow at The ANU Mount Stromlo Observatory.

The Big Picture Seminar Series is a great way to get the latest information about some of the most exciting research fields of our time directly from the people involved. For details of upcoming seminars, including Australia's Chief Scientist, Prof Ian Chubb on the 28th March in Melbourne, visit