Hubble's Hidden Treasures 2012 Contest

Hubble's Hidden Treasures 2012 Contest

Since 1990, Hubble has made more than a million observations. These images are featured on, and the most stunning are in included in theTop 100 gallery and iPad app.

But there are thousands of pictures in Hubble’s science archive that have only been seen by a few scientists. These "hidden treasures" are stunning images of astronomical phenomena that have never been seen and enjoyed by the public. Every week, the Hubble team search the archive for hidden treasures, process the scientific data into attractive images and publish them as the Hubble Picture of the Week. But the archive is so vast that nobody really knows the full extent of what Hubble has observed.

This is where you come in.

Searching Hubble’s archive for hidden treasures is a lot of fun, and it’s pretty straightforward, even if you don’t have advanced knowledge. There are some tutorials to get you started with searching the archive, and some great prizes to be won between now and 31 May 2012:

1. Hubble’s Hidden Treasures 2012: Find and tweak Hubble observations using a set of simple online tools. It’s easy and fun, and anyone can take part. Top prize: Apple iPod Touch and goodies.

2. Hubble’s Hidden Treasures 2012 Image Processing: Find Hubble observations and then process them using professional astronomical imaging software. An extra challenge for amateur astronomers or people keen to learn about astronomical image processing. Top prize: Apple iPad and goodies.

Visit the competition website for more details.