Teacher Professional Learning Event with the DEECD Specialist Science and Maths Centres

Teacher Professional Learning Event with
the DEECD Specialist Science and Maths Centres

This program brings the six Specialist Science and Mathematics Centres together to showcase outreach and online initiatives designed to resource your science and mathematics classroom.

Friday 25th May, 2012
The Gene Technology Access Centre (GTAC)
$25 per participant (includes lunch)
email gtac@gtac.edu.au or phone 03 9340 3600 to reserve a place

Each workshop will run for one hour. Download a flyer for the full program. Workshops include:

Bio Lab - Science and Maths of Sport!
BioLAB specialises in programs that explore the inner workings of the human body and mechanisms that improve its performance.  Many of our programs enable students to generate multiple data sets through usage of specialist equipment and cutting edge technologies. This activity will be an introduction to the use of physiological sensors and data loggers to generate a range of data sets, so bring your running shoes!  We will then be able to analyse participant reactions to physical activity and stress using a range of scientific and mathematical skills and techniques.  Our activities will highlight a number of career pathways and current research applications. Activities will be linked to VELS and Australian Curriculum and will be aimed at teachers of Upper Primary – Year 8. Come and be a part of team BioLAB, we look forward to meeting you!

Earth Ed – Alternative energies and future fuels
Earth Ed specialises in programs in the area of Earth Sciences and Renewable Energy. Our Primary level in-house programs are aligned with the Australian Academy of Science series Primary Connections. At the secondary level students can investigate a wide range of programs that cover Wind, and Solar energy, Rocks and Minerals, Mining Technologies through to Batteries and Fuel Cells.  Our VCE programs cover Chemistry Unit 3 Instrumental analysis and Physics Alternate energy options. In this workshop we will showcase our secondary Hydrogen Fuel Cells program and our Wind power program. Earth Ed will also showcase its new outreach offerings including our online programs which look at future fuels and energy sources.

Ecolinc – Discovering wetlands
Ecolinc is a Department of Education and Early Childhood Development (DEECD) Science Specialist Centre situated in Bacchus Marsh. Ecolinc offers a wide range of P-12 environmental science curriculum programs. This session will provide an overview of Ecolinc onsite and outreach programs. As part of Ecolinc’s new ‘Discovering Wetlands’ interactive online program, you will take a virtual tour of the Ecolinc wetland, identify macroinvertebrates using a unique Macroinvertebrate ID iPad app, manage a virtual wetland ecosystem and explore a virtual wetland through the seasons. In addition you will view and hear a panel of wetland experts responding to a range of wetland management issues. All participants will receive an information pack containing full details of all Ecolinc programs for 2012.

GTAC - Bringing the MIDAS touch into your classroom
In this hands-on workshop we will showcase our outreach offerings for 2012. In particular we will introduce one of our outreach packages designed to provide students of years 8–10 with an authentic research experience, “bioprospecting" for antimicrobial substances.  You will perform experiments to test natural products for their antimicrobial properties and be introduced to MIDAS – our Mutually Interactive Database of Antimicrobial Substances.  This database allows students to join research campaigns, share their results and comment on each other’s work as they seek to discover novel anti-bacterial substances.  The MIDAS package containing all the resources to run the project will soon be available to schools.

GTAC - The Lost Tail of an Unreceptive Mutant
Scientists have discovered a mutation in a population of fortunate individuals that gives them resistance to infection with HIV, the virus responsible for the global AIDS pandemic. In this workshop, you will use modern bioinformatics tools to identify the mutation, explore how it confers resistance to HIV, and how it has enabled scientists to address new strategies to combat this devastating disease. We will also showcase our raft of online Bioinformatics resources for middle and senior years.

Quantum Victoria - Art Restoration/World of Nanotech
Working as a scientist is a theme that underpins the operation of Quantum Victoria. During this workshop, participants will learn about two programs on offer at Quantum Victoria for students in years 9 through to 11. Art Restoration - Students will use analytical techniques to investigate the authenticity of artwork  through a scenario based approach that incorporates artwork currently on display at the NGV, have an opportunity to visit the NGV and observe the artwork in situ  and gain an understanding of free radicals and the challenges faced by art conservators. The World of Nanotechnology - Students will be spellbound by the world of NanoScience, exploring future applications, making the magic found in fantasy possible such as Harry Potter's cloak of invisibility. 

Quantum Victoria - Minecraft/Aperture Science
At Quantum Victoria, we believe that all children can excel in STEM disciplines, including computer science, which they will need to work in the multi-disciplinary, high-tech industries of the 21st century. This workshop will showcase two programs that are available for students in years 5 through to 10. Come and discover the world of Minecraft and learn how to get your students involved in an online educational community with students from around Victoria. The game development engine Hammer will also be showcased and shown to be a powerful vehicle for learning about Newtonian mechanics, Modern Physics, level design, sound and wave theory.

Quantum workshop - Amazing STEM Race/Code Breakers
Through innovative uses of technology, participants will gain insight into two programs aimed at students in years 5 through to 9. Code Breakers - Students will learn about the historical developments of cryptography and then apply this knowledge in the deciphering of encrypted messages. Armed with this knowledge, students will then go on a U-Boat Hunt, hunting German U-Boats using mathematical prowess. Amazing STEM Race - Students will use GPS units, metal detectors, QR code readers and their wits to win their way to first place in the Amazing ‘Science’ Race.

VSSEC - Star Search
Explore part of an online astronomy unit for years five to eight. Star Search is a highly engaging "game" interface for the collection of astronomical data and the creation of a Hertzsprung Russell Diagram.

VSSEC - Robotic Mission to Mars
An introduction to the VSSEC Robotic Mission to Mars program which allows students to take control of a rover on the surface of Mars using an online Mission Control.

VSSEC - Reach for the Stars
An introduction to Reach for the Stars and The Stars in Your Life, VSSEC's year 7 & 8 astronomy and energy transformation programs.