Australian Student wins Grant to Attend 2012 SGAC Fusion Forum

Australian Student wins Grant to Attend 2012 SGAC Fusion Forum

The Space Generation Advisory Council (SGAC) completed its first ever Space Generation Fusion Forum in Colorado, USA, in conjunction with the 28th Annual National Space Symposium. Over two days, the Space Generation Fusion Forum offered the next generation of space sector leaders from government, industry, and academia the opportunity to come together to exchange views on current, hot space topics via interactive panels moderated by today's sector leaders. A full report on the event is available on the SGAC website.  

VSSEC would like to congratulate Australian student, Julia Leeson, for being one of twelve students to receive a grant to attend the event. Julia is a great ambassador for Australia and this experience will help her achieve her dream of working in the Australian Space Industry.

Julia grew up in Hobart, Australia, and has been interested in space from an early age. She has completed a combined Bachelors degree in Engineering (Aerospace) and Science (Physics) at the University of New South Wales, gaining first-class honours in Engineering. She was part of the 2009 Graduate intake at QANTAS Airways, where she gained experience in Avionics, Power Plants, Maintenance Systems and Structural Engineering on their Boeing 737 fleet. She has been the recipient of multiple scholarships and prizes, including the Wallis and Kipp UNSW Endowment Scholarship, RAeS Centennial Scholarship, and the Engineers Australia Space Thesis Prize in 2008 for her undergraduate thesis “The Investigation of a Design for a Micro Aerial Vehicle for Mars”. Most recently, she was awarded a Rotary Ambassadorial Scholarship to continue her studies at Cranfield University in the United Kingdom, where she is now pursuing a Masters of Science in Astronautics and Space Engineering.

“Having always wanted to work in the space industry, I am very excited to have the chance to attend the Space Generation Fusion Forum and the National Space Symposium. Being awarded this Global Grant gives me the opportunity to hear from, meet, and interact with many people working within the industry. I look forward to making contacts who can help me work towards my future goals of growing and strengthening the space industry within Australia.”

Congratulations to all the grant recipients:
Ahmad S. Hakimyar (Afghanistan)
Ana Alexandra Pérez (Venezuela)
Artiom Anisimov (Belarus)
Bekele Tujuba (Ethiopia)
Bustanul Arifin (Indonesia)
Diego Urbina (Colombia/Italy)
Emmanuelle David (France)
Heejin Jeong (South Korea)
Julia Leeson (Australia)
Laura Drudi (Canada)
Minoo Rathnasabapathy (South Africa)
Rahul Goel (India)