CSIROpedia: Telling the Story of CSIRO's Achievements and Achievers

CSIROpedia explores some of CSIRO’s greatest innovations and discoveries across the decades. Since 1926, CSIRO has been helping Australia and the world through science. They work on a vast array of research into space, energy, health, climate change, manufacturing, materials, minerals, agriculture, the environment and information and communication technology.

Through CSIROpedia you can learn how science has contributed over the years to the nation’s  wellbeing and prosperity and read brief biographies of the researchers responsible. In addition to the detailed accounts, CSIROpedia provides brief summaries of the 122 companies, 960 products, 240 industrial processes and 180 industrial systems that have arisen from CSIRO’s research. Some of these have been in use now for over 50 years and many for over 25 years.

Read about how CSIRO:

• eliminated iodine deficiency disorders, a massive health problem, with more than two billion people at risk in 130 countries.
• developed new approaches to mineral exploration, resulting in discoveries worth billions of dollars.
• discovered RNAi gene silencing, one of the most fundamental gene control pathways in plants, with numerous biotechnology applications.
• developed the technique of atomic absorption spectroscopy, hailed as one of the most significant advances in chemical analysis in the 20th century, and is routinely used in medicine, manufacturing and mining.
• developed the world’s fastest and most spectrally efficient multi-gigabit system for wireless communication.

CSIROpedia provides an exciting new look into the discoveries and innovations by CSIRO scientists and engineers. Conceived, compiled and edited by Colin Ward, a former Deputy Chief and CSIRO Fellow, this collection will continue to grow documenting important milestones in CSIRO's history.