Ignite a passion for Astrophysics and explore the wonders of the universe at VSSEC.

  • On completion of this full day program students will have covered all the key knowledge and skills for VCE Physics Unit 2 Detailed Study 3.2.
  • During the day students use software, including the highly engaging Galactic Explorer (designed by the Games Techniology Research Lab at LaTrobe University) to explore and gather data about stars.
  • Students use spectral laps and spectroscopes to understand how we observe astronomical objects and how we use this information to understand our universe.
  • Students relate this information to models of the nature and origin of the stars, planets, galaxies and universe.
  • A CD of resources for teachers includes an assessment package.
  • Each student is provided with a workbook that can be used for assessment.

VSSEC offers a combined VCE Astrophysics/ Astronomy package.


At a Glance


    Max students per mission: 24


    VSSEC also offers a VCE Astronomy program and a combined VCE Astronomy/Astrophysics package for$50 plus GST per student. Cost: $25 plus GST per student (lunch can be purchased for an additional $10 plus GST per student) Price includes all materials used during the program and teacher resource package. During the program students will have access to writing materials and calculators. $100 deposit required to secure booking.


    For students in VCE/VET

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