Mars Rocks! is an interactive session with a geologist, introducing students to geology on Mars and the ways in which it relates to that of Earth.

Before the videoconference students collect rocks from their local area. From these, three are selected for discussion during the session.

The program begins with an investigation of Earth's geology which is compared with that  of Mars. The geologist discusses with the students what sort of environment was necessary to form their rocks, and what that environment might look like on Mars.

Student understanding is tested with a game. Using 3D images, students are able to correctly identify which pictures were taken on Mars, and which on Earth.

Session concludes with student questions, and is suitable for grades 5-8.


At a Glance


    Max students per mission: 24


    Duration: 45 minutes.

    $50 plus GST per class.


    For students in Primary

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MARS ROCKS! Video Conference