The Stars in Your Life is an inspiring introduction to the wonder of the universe for Year 7 and 8 students. It requires a half-day visit to VSSEC.

Students develop an understanding of their location in the universe, and the connection between the life of stars and the formation of elements from which we are all made. They use  an online game to gather data to construct a Hertzsprung Russell Diagram.

Neutron stars, supernovae, planetary nebulas and black holes are introduced, and emphasis is placed on developing a feel for the universe as a dynamic, turbulent place, 13.5 billion years old.

For schools wishing to bring two classes, this half day program can be combined with Reach for the Stars to make a complete day.

At a Glance


    Min students per mission: 12
    Max students per mission: 30


    Cost: $10 per student (Victorian students). Subsidy: Some schools may qualify for a subsidy, please enquire. Deposit: A $50 deposit will be required to secure your booking.


    For students in Secondary

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The Stars in Your Life