Time Search is an engaging educational game designed by VSSEC and created by LaTrobe University students.

Time Search offers Years 6 to 8 students the opportunity to play the game as a self-directed learning experience and extension activity.

In playing the game, students must locate and repair a time machine, then travel to different time periods to 'collect' missing scientists and artefacts.

Along the way, they learn about how ideas and understanding of planets, stars and the universe have changed over time...

Players must have an active email account to register and log in (no charge). This will save their game and allow them to return to the same level. It may take several sessions to complete.


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System Requirements:

Time Search is a web-based Java application and currently requires the latest version of the Java Runtime to operate (currently version 7 Update 45). Being a Java based application, it will not function on phones and most tablets.

Update (10/12/2013): We have resolved a compatibility issue with the game when running on Microsoft Internet Explorer 11.

Update (21/01/2014): Unforutnately the latest Java runtime update (7 Update 51) which was released earlier in January has broken the parts of the game functionality due to the Java applet being unsigned. We have attempted to sign the applet in the past, but it prevented the applet from loading properly. We are currently looking into this as a high priority and will update this page when we know more.

If you have any issues with Time Search, please firstly make sure your computer meets the system requirements. If you are still having issues, contact your IT Department or alternatively contact us and we will be happy to help.

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