On receipt of $100 deposit a CD of resources will be mailed to the teacher nominated on the booking. The CD contains:

  • Teacher instructions.
  • An Introduction to Instrumental Analysis (Power Point presentation).
  • An Introduction to the Experiments (Power Point presentation).
  • Material Safety Data Sheets (MSDS) for the chemicals used during the VSSEC program.
  • Safety notes.
  • Student prac book (students will be provided with a full colour copy of the prac book at VSSEC).
  • Student workbook (students will be provided with a full colour copy of the workbook at VSSEC).
  • Teacher assessment handbook. This includes sample results and worked solutions.

The VSSEC program assumes a basic understanding of chemical analysis and the instruments. The resource material is provided to assist teachers in preparing their students. The program at VSSEC gives students the opportunity to reinforce their understanding by conducting their own analysis using the analytical instruments.