VSSEC offers programs for students and teachers through video conferencing.

VSSEC offers programs for teachers and students through video-confercing. These programs are based on the latest research-based strategies for effective science teaching and learning. They expose students to experts, encourage hands-on, minds-on learning and incorporate teacher professional learning.

Student Programs

STARS! Search

Year Levels: 5-8

Maximum group size: 24 students

Duration: Session 1,20 min; Session 2, 40 min

Cost: $30 plus GST per class

Session 1 begins with an introduction to stars by VSSEC staff.  Students then 'play "STARS! Search, an online game developed by VSSEC in conjunction with LaTrobe University ACRI Games Technology Lab. This game allows students to travel to the stars and collect information about them, including temperature, brightness and mass. There are obstacles to avoid and dangers to face during thier journey.  Students then plot their data on a simplified graph. 

In Session 2 students discuss their findings withy VSSEC staff and are introduced to the classroom activity: building a model of the stars of the Southern Cross. 

VSSEC uses an IP-based system. Before booking a program, please check with our technical staff.



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    For students in Primary, Secondary & VCE/VET