Would you like to design your own futuristic space station?

  • How much food do you need for 20,000 people?
  • How will you produce all this food?
  • How much power will you need?
  • Will you use solar power, nuclear power or fuel cells?
  • How will you generate artificial gravity?
  • How will you assemble your space station?
  • How will the inhabitants move around?

Students prepare a response to a "Request for Proposal" (or tender) for a major infrastructure project in space, e.g. a space station to house 40,000 people located in the asteroid belt off Mars.

In preparing the response, students develop skills and experience in research, technical analysis, design, team work, report writing and project management.

The best eight submissions are invited to the Australian Final in Brisbane each January. The final competition is a two day residental program at the University of Queensland where the teams are paired into four companies to prepare their tender for a new space station. Each team pitches their proposal to the judges in a 30 minute presentation.

The winning team is entitled to represent Australia at the Annual International Space Settlement Design Competition held each July at the Johnson Space Centre, Houston, Texas. Students from America, India, England, South Africa, Canada and other countries work together in a similar format to the Australian finals.

For more information visit www.ausspacedesign.org.au


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