Below is a list of grants, awards and scholarships for secondary students and teachers. For a list of grants and awards for tertiary students, please visit the Tertiary section of this website.

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The Australian Institute of Physics (AIP) Education Committee offers an annual scholarship to support one te55 awards valued at $30,000 each  for recognition of success in establishing effective school-community partnerships.55 awards valued at $30,000 each  for recognition of success in establishing effective school-community partnerships.Grants and Awards for Secondary Students and Teachersacher to attend an international Physics teachers' conference. The scholarship is worth up to $2000.

In 2009 Barry Homewood from Braemar College was accepted for the Perimeter Institute’s ‘EinsteinPlus’ workshop in Toronto, Canada.  In January 2010 Adrian Camm, now with Quantum Victoria,  attended and presented at the Association for Science Education (ASE) Conference in the UK. Possible conferences that teachers might like to consider are listed on the Victorian AIP website at

The successful teacher is expected to actively participate in the event, if possible by offering a workshop, and to also present a session about the experience at a following Physics Teachers Conference.

Applications for the scholarship should show evidence of innovative teaching and activity in professional development and be supported by a letter of recommendation from the applicant’s school.  The applications should state the chosen international conference and indicate how the applicant might participate.

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The Chemistry Education Association (CEA) offers an annual scholarship for practising chemistry teachers to attend a Chemistry conference or Science conference – other than the annual Victorian Chemistry Teachers Conference – with a significant chemistry emphasis.

The CEA wishes to support at least one Victorian chemistry teacher in furthering his or her knowledge and expertise in the teaching of chemistry and will provide assistance toward the costs involved in attending the conference.

The successful applicant(s) would be expected to report on the conference to CEA and to present a session at the next STAVCON or Chemistry Conference. This report/session would focus on new directions/updates in chemistry as covered at the conference attended.

Teachers wishing to apply for this scholarship should forward

1. details of the conference they wish to attend
2. a brief CV
3. an outline of the anticipated benefits from attending this conference both personally and for Victorian Chemistry Educators in general to

CEA Teacher Scholarship
c/o Chemistry Education Association
PO Box 4142
Melbourne University

NAB Schools First Student Award

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The NAB Schools First has rewarded 195 Australian schools with over $10 million in funding in recognition of the work they are doing in partnership with their local community to improve the educational outcomes of students.

Now NAB is asking students for their ideas for partnerships between their school and local community. There is no idea too big or small. It just needs to be an original.

The five best ideas from across Australia will receive a prize pack for the student and their schools including $2,000 to help turn their idea into a reality, support from the NAB Schools First team and travel to Melbourne for a workshop with other winners later in the year. Successful applicants will also be linked up with leaders in Australian business, will be applauded within their own school, and have credentials that will look great on a CV.

Everything you need to know about the NAB Schools First Student Award can be found in the Application Pack, including the Application Form, the Terms and Conditions and the Guide to developing school-community partnerships..




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